Re: Arts Governance recommendations

David Bakan (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 22:35:48 -0500 (EST)

I agree with this. We do not even know the outcome of the votes of our own
election to the governance committee.

At 22:21 05/01/98 -0500, Jim Porter wrote:
> People - As you may recall, at an early meeting of Council this year
>the Chair of the Council of the Faculty of Arts reported to Council a
>decision of the Executive Committee to the effect that results of votes in
>Council elections would only be reported in part to Council, specifically
>that the names of those elected would be reported. He further noted that
>the number of votes cast for a candidate would be reported to a candidate
>upon request by that candidate, but that the votes cast for other
>candidates would not be reported. In the case of my election as Council
>representative to Senate, both the votes cast for me and the total number
>of votes cast were reported to me at my request.
> This is, I believe, an unacceptable lack of democratic openness in our
>Faculty, and I doubt that it is supported by the majority of Councillors.
>It irrationally constricts the knowledge by Councillors of the state of
>opinion in the body politic and casts doubt upon the probity of the
>election process. The reasoning advanced by the Chair in favour of the
>ruling was condecending both to Council and to actual and prospective
> Consequently, I request that among your recommendations to Council
>you include full disclosure of all results of all Council elections.
> You may also have heard that two motions respecting disclosure of
>salaries of faculty appointed in the Faculty of Arts will be introduced at
>the next meeting of Council. In the event that these motions have not
>been debated and decided by Council at the time of your report, I request
>that their substance be included as recommendations in your report. Neal
>Madris <> is the person to be contacted for texts of
>the motions.
> Respectfully - James Porter
> Associate Professor of Sociology, Arts