Voting procedures

Marla Chodak (
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 16:24:33 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

One of the items the Governance committee is discussing is voting
procedures for Faculty Council elections. In the old days, when the
Faculty was better resourced, ballots were distributed by this office to
individual members of the faculty (this meant preparing labels for about
900 people annually and then duplicating, folding, and labelling that
number of ballots each time there was an election or by-election (two or
three times a year). In recent years, because of the work and cost
involved in this, we have simply sent the ballots in bulk to the
departments with a list of those to whom they should be distributed and
asked them to put them in members' mailboxes. Ballots have been returned
directly to the Council office by those wishing to vote. Concern has been
expressed to the committee about the security of ballots using this method
of distribution; though the committee remains of the view that there are
no grounds to think that there is ballot-tampering, we are trying to find
some means of distribution and return of ballots which will ensure that
they can be distributed "one to a customer" and will mean it is impossible
(or at least more difficult) for people to vote more than once. That is,
we want to avoid situations where someone could steal someone else's
ballot from a mailbox or duplicate the ballots and return more than one.
One of the options we have been considering is carrying out the voting
entirely through the departments; that is, the appropriate number of
ballots would be duplicated in the Council office; ballots would then be
sent to the admin. assistants in the departments with the list of those
eligible to vote in that department. Members of Council would then be
notified to go to an office in the department, pick up a ballot (their
names to be checked off the list to make sure they don't get more than
one) and then return the ballot immediately (or later - some checking to
ensure that they don't return more than one ballot). At the end of the
voting period, the department would return the ballots to the Council
office for counting.

We recognize that this would have implications for YUSA members'
workload/job descriptions. Do you have general advice on whether this is
an appropriate request to make? If you think it is possible, could we ask
you to survey the group of admin assistants about their willingness to do
this; as I indicated, this is only one of several options we are
considering -- admins may also have ideas of better ways of carrying out
this balloting which we would be happy to hear.

We are meeting next on January 23, and would like to have feedback in
advance of that meeting if at all possible. Many thanks. Marla

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