Some points

L. Young (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 18:16:49 +0000

Dear all,

Here are some points relevant to the matter of council committee work =

that I did not have time to formulate during the governance =

committee=B9s last meeting. =

(1) Contract faculty (CF) should be eligible to serve on the T & P =

committee of the council. =

Rationale: to establish more equity on the committee. It will serve to =

reduce separation between the 2 faculty streams. Contract faculty with =

seniority and a competent record should be eligible. =

(2) Are CF eligible for the position of chair/vice chair of council? =

If not, it may be a good idea that they are. =

Rationale: same as above.

(3) Committee work by CF should be renumerated.

Rationale: unlike our YUFA confreres, CUPE faculty do this work on =

unpaid overload (see prior document on summary of issues for CUPE, =

dated November 21, 1997).

(4) CUPE unit 1 T.A=B9s and tutorial leaders should be eligible for =

council committees, as per the said document. =

(5) Here is an excerpt about the issue of low voting rate from a =

fellow CUPE colleague, Donna Lillian.

<<I wanted to comment on the concerns of many of us that so few people =

vote in Arts Council elections. I've also talked with a few people in =

my dep't about this. When we have departmental elections, we have a =

ballot box in the main office into which people can place their =

ballots. They then see that they have arrived. On the other hand, =

when we vote for Arts Council, we either toss out ballot into the =

internal mail, wondering whether it will ever arrive, or we make the =

effort to take a trip to the ninth floor to hand deliver it. What =

about getting departments to use their ballot boxes for collecting the =

ballots, then have one of the deparmental reps to Council carry the =

box up to Dean's Office when balloting finishes? I realize that this =

would require that a rep take charge of it, but surely that is not too =

much to expect someone to do. I know that as elected rep
from my department, I would be happy to do this if it would get more
people to actually vote. If there was concern that departments might =

not want thier ballot box used for this, then it surely wouldn't be =

too expensive to buy each department an Arts Council ballot box for =

this purpose.>>


Another point of concern not relevant to the issue of nominations and =


Can we ensure that full time faculty do not take overload courses in =

the summer, depriving CF of the few courses for which they are =

eligible? =