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You raise good points and obviously each faculty council must learn from
the lessons of others. A university wide process would be better, and I
think that will come....except for those faculties who seem to their
specialness is under threat.

Your note reminded me of something which I had not included in my previous
and is something that I think those with more years at York can evaluate

You referred to a "short list" from which the President will choose her
noiminee to put before the BOG. In her two meetings with the FFA
Executive and the Council, Lorna Marsden was asked how mnay names hse
expected to be forwarded on the short list. She said "Ideally, one." She
made it clear she would rather have the committee forward one name that
represented the faculty's fullest support committee trhough the committee.

Re internal/external, the Pres enocuraged us to seek internal first. I
read her comments to mean that if a preliminary report from the search
committee indicated that a wider search was required, it would not be
ruled out. The President seemed to be giving the search committee time to
meet, set its own plans and procedures, review the "job
description" as adopted by the council, and decide for itself what the
limits might be. To my knowldege the committee has not met yet, but I
suspect individual members of the committee are aware of these issues and
will speak strongly on them in their early meetings.

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