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Cezar Balaita (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:52:43 -0500 (EST)

Hi Marla...

One of the alternatives I can think of right away is to have a form on
a web page where members could go to and vote. Also, as soon as they vote,
their vote will be recorded, and they will also be marked as done. I
can make sure that the vote will be anonymous and secure, and that
people cannot vote more than once.Also, to view the results, I can create
a web page with a nice interface where only people with a password and a
login can view the results. I can easily implement it on FA's web site, if

I'm almost done with the listserv. It will be completely functional by
the end of the week.

Thank You for your email.

Cezar Balaita
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On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Marla Chodak wrote:

> Cezar,
> Here's a research job for you: the Faculty of Arts Governance Committee
> is looking at Faculty Council voting procedures and is interested in
> exploring the possibility of some form of electronic voting. Could you
> check into whether it is possible to do this in a way which would be both
> secure and anonymous. That is, we would have to be able to get the
> electronic ballot out to people who are eligible to vote, and then allow
> them to respond in a way which would ensure that only those entitled to
> vote could do so and that each person could vote only once, but that their
> vote would be recorded anonymously (so we couldn't, for instance, simply
> use the e-mail distribution list you are setting up and just have them
> respond). If it is technically possible, but the cost is prohibitive,
> we would need to know that too, so your research should include the
> cost factor.
> Our next meeting is likely to be on Friday, January 23, but if you could
> get some information back to us before that, it would be much appreciated.
> Give me a call if this question isn't clear. Thanks.
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