progress report

Kim Michasiw (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:40:08 -0500

Dear Members of the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance,

At the most recent meeting of the Faculty of Arts Executive Committee,
questions arose concerning the status and progress of the Ad Hoc
Committee and its labours. As members will recall, the Committee
was constituted at the Council meeting of 12 June 1997 and was to have
reported, and ended its term of existence, by December 97. This,
obviously, didn't happen and, although it appears niggling, a motion to
extend the term of the Committee will be necessary at the next Council
meeting. As every effort has been extended to ensure the autonomy of
the Ad Hoc Committee, it would be best if such a motion came from the
Committee itself rather than from the Executive and that it came with a
rationale which could double as an update on the Committee's progress.

The Executive Committee asks me also to invite representatives of the
Ad Hoc Committee to our next scheduled meeting (2:30 pm Wed. 4
February, location TBA), to provide us with an update as well as to
discuss the form that the motion to extend the committee's term should


kim ian michasiw
Chair, Faculty of Arts Council