Meeting on Friday January 23 - 12:30

Marla Chodak (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 18:02:30 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

I am confirming the meeting of the Governance Committee on Friday, January
23, 1998 at 12:30 p.m. (probably until about 3:30?). I've just learned
that, in addition to the Dean and Associate Deans, a number of the members
of the P&M staff associated with the Dean's Office would like to join us,
so I'm looking for a larger room than the one I had booked originally and
will get back to you tomorrow with location. I had indicated to the
members of the Dean's OFfice that the committee would like to discuss
issues relating to the relationship of the Dean's Office to Faculty
Council and the budget/appointments decision-making process. I also asked
whether there were issues they would like to raise with us. Three were
identified by Dean Fallis:

i) Much of the activity of the Dean's Office involves its interaction with
Departments/Divisions, especially through the monthly (or even more often)
Chairs' Meeting. How do these activities fit into the governance of the
Faculty, especially the role of Chairs and the Chairs' Meeting? I think
this issue is very important because of the size of the Faculty of Arts;
we have always operated in a very decentralised manner, and I think this
is necessary because of our size.

ii) How can we develop more transparent accountability frameworks for all
Faculty activities, identifying responsibilities, reporting on principles
used in carrying out responsibilities, and reporting on outcomes? We must
recognise that additional reporting is costly, especially in time, for
already stretched faculty, staff, and administrators.

iii) How do we enable faculty members to become more aware of our
structures and procedures, information sources, and enable them to
participate more fully? Again, as above, we must recognise that faculty
members are already stretched with their existing teaching, research and
service responsibilities.

(end of excerpt from Dean Fallis)

I would also remind you that there will be a Faculty Council meeting on
February 12; if we wish to propose changes in the nominating/election
process to take effect this year, we should submit those changes to that
meeting (which would mean they would have to go to the Executive Committee
on February 4, which would mean we need to finalize them soon). It seems
unlikely we will have time to talk about this issue at the meeting this
week. Could I ask you, then, to hold the following Friday -- January 30 --
at 12:30 for another meeting if necessary. Thanks. Marla

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