First Report to Council

Robert Drummond (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:56:37 -0400

Included in this message is a draft of our first report to Council,
rwequesting an extension of our mandate until the end of April. Your
comments, at or before our meeting on Friday, would be welcome. Marla
has hard copies of the document if you would prefer to get one from her.

Regards, Bob


Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Governance
February 12, 1998

For Action

The Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Governance moves:

that Council extend the life of the Committee until April 30,
1998. The final report of the Committee shall be submitted to the
last meeting of Faculty Council in the Winter 1998 term or, if no
meeting is scheduled after April 30, to the first meeting of
Faculty Council in the Fall term of 1998.


The Committee was created by Faculty Council in the summer of 1997 and
instructed to report to Council by December 4, 1997. Since the
Committee did not have a full membership until late in September, and
since no meeting of Council was scheduled in December, the Committee
has been continuing its investigations and deliberations, in the
expectation that Council would prefer a full report, rather than the
truncated version that would have been possible in December, and in the
hope that Council would be agreeable to receiving a report late in the
Winter term (or early next Fall).

For Information

Since September the Committee has met with the Chairs of Arts
departments, former President Harry Arthurs (who responded to our
general invitation to the faculty), and the academic and professional
members of the Dean's Office staff. We have had requests to meet with
two other probationary/tenured faculty members and one contract faculty
member, and we will be arranging those meetings if Council agrees to
extend our mandate. Our general invitation to members of Council to
send us comments and suggestions occasioned two electronic mail
messages and the requests for meetings indicated above. We remain open
to input from any member of Council.

We have identified the following topics as foci for our attention, and
we would welcomefrom Council an indication whether there are topics
that should be added to this list (or topics on the list which should
be deleted):

nomination and election procedures for Chair and Vice-Chair of
Council, members of Arts Committees, and Arts representatives to Senate
accountability of the Dean and Associate Deans to Council
selection procedures for the Dean and Associate Deans
role of department Chairs in the governance of the Faculty
process of budget and appointments planning in the Faculty
role of contract faculty in department and Faculty governance
role of students in department and Faculty governance
improving intra-Faculty communication
any other changes to Council structures (e.g., additions or
deletions of committees)

We preent to Council today an interim report on the first of these
items, together with recommendations for changes to the rules and
procedures of Council which will be moved jointly by this Committee and
Executive. If approved, we anticipate that the changes could be
implemented for the March Council elections.

Members of the Committee:
D. Bakan
R. Drummond
R. Greenberg
S. Kociper
G. Monette
A. Pilgrim
L. Young


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