Re: Nomination and Election Recommendations

Anne Pilgrim (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 13:02:28 -0500 (EST)

Hi all -- I have taken a few minutes to go over my print copy of the draft
report on nominations and have made a few scribbles in the margins.
(Marla, having endured my editing of T and P letters, is now grinning
Page one -- do we need the "ordinarily" in the first line? aren't the
first words qualification enough? there are several uses of "ordinarily"
and "normally" to come. Don't the terms always end as stated, in the
rules, it being human unpredictability that causes variations?
in para. 2 the 1st sentence would read better with the word "including"
in footnote 2 the NominatING C. becomes NominatIONS, exceptionally

Page three re alternatives -- what kind of cost is associated with the
central ballot box or boxes? labour I presume
In th last line of large para. -- delete "few" out of sensitivity to
CUPE people and their relative lack of resources?

Recommendations -- Flaubert said he was continually having to squash
metaphors in his prose "like lice" (thus proving his point) -- with me it
is parentheses and I see Bob is prone to the same habit of asides. Could
one of them be sacrificed in rec. 2?

In rec. 4 is the implication that the results would be a list of those
nominated, in alpha order, with the number of votes gained beside each and
an asterisk or underlining or something to show "elected"? Sort of like
elections night on local TV? (though as I recall in the megacity election
they made a major hash of it).

As far as I know I will still be out of town on Friday, though if the
weather becomes too bad to venture on the 403 it may yet be tolerable

for Finch Ave from Bayview. Last Friday's driving was such fun!