Notes from March 20 meeting

Marla Chodak (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:38:34 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Next Meeting: Friday, April 17, 12:30 p.m., Room S925 Ross Building

Notes on Meeting of March 20:
Present: R. Drummond, A. Pilgrim, L. Young, G. Monette, S. Kociper, M.

- it was noted that electronic voting may not be feasible and we may have
to rethink this recommendation

- Lelia introduced two motions re. contract faculty; it was
suggested these matters could be dealt with in the committee's report,
though the motion dealing with conversion appointments is not within
Council's purview but is a contractual matter

Topics for final report (which will probably be a combination of motions
and recommendations, with commentary); names of those who took
responsibility for drafting sections are noted in brackets:

- contract faculty (role in Council, departments, status) (Lelia to draft)
- Council membership/representation
- Council committees
- department constitutions (possibility of standardization)
- relationship of Dean to Council (reporting, issue of non-confidence
in Dean, role of Council in process of selection of Dean and Associate
Deans, information re. responsibilities of Dean and Assoc. Deans) (Bob to
- financial accountability/reporting (kinds of information to be shared,
role of Council, possibility of standing financial committee) (Bob to
- role of Chairs (process of budget/appointment planning) (Anne to draft)
- communication/information sharing (use of internet, shared drives, etc.)
(Georges to draft)
- role of students (in departments, Council, information sharing with
students) (Sonia to draft)

- it was agreed members would share point form drafts by e-mail in advance
of the April 17 meeting
- if anyone needs assistance finding information for use in their
drafting, please let me know

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