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Lelia Young (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 20:16:22 -0500 (EST)

Hello everyone!

When I introduced the two motions about Contract Faculty (I am adding a
third one), it was agreed that we would think about the best way to
present them to the Council. Conversion appointments and particip[ation of
contract faculty are not simply a contractual matter, it is also to make
sure our collective agreement is respected and applied by our departments
and by all the higher sections of the faculty.
To simply state the motions in the committee's report might encourage
stagnation on the matter.
We should follow the advice of one of our guests (I forget his name),
which was to present motions instead of recommendations
According to me the motions I introduced, on March 20, concern the
question of governance of contract faculty in our Faculty.
The question of governance must not be seen only in a limited sense of
rules and regulations, governance also concerns how we deal with the
equity in our relationship with each other and in the justice of how CUPE
members are governed in the Faculty as a whole.
As a contract faculty, I believe I am included in
the committee in order to address contract faculty concerns. I have
consulted extensively about these motions with my contract faculty
colleagues and I believe that the committee has to voice our concerns in
the most efficient way. This governance includes allowing the
expression of minority opinions and the opinion of minority. These motions
reflect this principle, kindly consider them in order to eventually
present them to Council.





FIRST MOTION: Conversion of Contract Faculty

The policy of the Faculty of Arts is to actively promote and recruit
conversion appointments for contract faculty and to consider such
appointments as a legitimate and regular form of promotion; Recruitment
should be regarded as part of the duties of the departments; the
Faculty will take every opportunity to promote this policy to the central
administration. And in order to implement this policy, it is recommended
that the number of conversion positions allocated to the Faculty of Arts
be significantly increased.
It should be made clear (and therefore stated on the posting) that each
tenure stream opening in the Faculty of Arts will be open equally to all
qualified contract faculty, and the quality of these applicants will be
judged from the perspective that their career paths have been
significantly altered by their contract faculty experience.

SECOND MOTION: Full participation for Contract Faculty

Each department should have explicit rules of governance consonant with
faculty and university regulations. These faculty and university
regulations, by which each department shall abide, should always include
meaningful participation and fair representation on the part of contract
faculty, and should never be exclusive of contract faculty (e.g., in any
form of voting procedure involving the department, including any involving
tenure and promotion and hiring). These regulations should be made clear
to support and develop article 15.11.3 of CUPE Collective Agreement.

THIRD MOTION: Creation of a epecial committee to deal with Contract
Faculty matter

The policy of the Faculty of Arts is to actively recommend and promote the
creation of a joint YUFA-Contract Faculty of Arts ad hoc Committe to
understand the situation of Contract Faculty and to deal with their grievances
and governance.

Lelia Young, Ph.D

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On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Marla Chodak wrote:

> Next Meeting: Friday, April 17, 12:30 p.m., Room S925 Ross Building
> Notes on Meeting of March 20:
> Present: R. Drummond, A. Pilgrim, L. Young, G. Monette, S. Kociper, M.
> Chodak
> - it was noted that electronic voting may not be feasible and we may have
> to rethink this recommendation
> - Lelia introduced two motions re. contract faculty; it was
> suggested these matters could be dealt with in the committee's report,
> though the motion dealing with conversion appointments is not within
> Council's purview but is a contractual matter
> Topics for final report (which will probably be a combination of motions
> and recommendations, with commentary); names of those who took
> responsibility for drafting sections are noted in brackets:
> - contract faculty (role in Council, departments, status) (Lelia to draft)
> - Council membership/representation
> - Council committees
> - department constitutions (possibility of standardization)
> - relationship of Dean to Council (reporting, issue of non-confidence
> in Dean, role of Council in process of selection of Dean and Associate
> Deans, information re. responsibilities of Dean and Assoc. Deans) (Bob to
> draft)
> - financial accountability/reporting (kinds of information to be shared,
> role of Council, possibility of standing financial committee) (Bob to
> draft)
> - role of Chairs (process of budget/appointment planning) (Anne to draft)
> - communication/information sharing (use of internet, shared drives, etc.)
> (Georges to draft)
> - role of students (in departments, Council, information sharing with
> students) (Sonia to draft)
> - it was agreed members would share point form drafts by e-mail in advance
> of the April 17 meeting
> - if anyone needs assistance finding information for use in their
> drafting, please let me know
> Marla Chodak
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