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The following message raises interesting questions which
are seldom discussed. It was posted on the STS list.

Luigi M Bianchi

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Edward Tenner <tenner@clarity.Princeton.EDU> writes:

I'm working on discontinuities in information, especially but not limited
to the line between electronic and printed resources. One topic that's
been hard to trace is the importance of proprietary social science
research in marketing, the computer industry, communications, etc., as
academic jobs and funding have leveled off or declined. At least one
colleague is convinced that both the proportion of proprietary knowledge,
and its relative quality have been growing. That is, more and more of the
good stuff is secret. I have found some evidence of this in my own
research on communication technology.

There is quite a bit on academic-industry partnerships and related issues
in the biomedical field, but much less on social scientists in industry
and consulting and research firms, and indeed on sociologists,
psychologists, and anthropologists in academia as contract reesearchers.
References and observations, to the List or privately, would be much

Ed Tenner

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