Re: June 24 YUFA Workshop on Governance

Luigi M Bianchi (lbianchi@YorkU.CA)
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 18:16:47 -0500


I am taking the liberty if sharing your message with this little
list, hoping it will encourage others to respond and participate
to the workshop.

I think your suggestion of a continuing meeting about these
matters is very useful. We can't certainly hope of settling
governance issues on June 24. I personally do not have a
fixed agenda, and perhaps the workshop could address the
question of how to sustain this effort so that it does not fade,
how to establish priorities, and how to identify expertise and
resources within the membership.

I wish to thank you (and to save bandwidth, Lee and Nuri) for
accepting to participate.


> Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 11:59:43 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Keith Aldridge <>
> To: Luigi M Bianchi <lbianchi@YorkU.CA>
> Subject: Re: June 24 YUFA Workshop on Governance

> I would be delighted to attend and act in the capacity you have
> proposed. There are many wide ranging, very important topics you have
> listed and I wonder if we should try to focus on some specific aspects
> of those topics in order to achieve our goals. Or do you envisage this
> as the first of annual or semi-annual meetings to discuss governance? I
> would favor a continuing process because we will almost certainly have
> to keep hammering away to accomplish the changes we want. For example
> it is one thing to establish a 'Senate Budget Committee' through which
> ALL expenditures must flow before approval and yet another to force
> the administration to cooperate in making the process actually work. I
> recall stories of Bill Farr dumping about 30lbs of print-outs
> ostensibly containing everything one needed to know about the budget but
> few poeple, if any, could understand what was printed there. We need a
> De Bono type of leverage on them so that they *want* to cooperate. This
> is harder to get...
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