Material for study and discussion

Luigi M Bianchi (lbianchi@YorkU.CA)
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 14:57:50 -0500

Janice Newson has sent me 10 copies of two articles:

"The Intranural Struggle" (chapter 4 of the book, coauthored
with Howard Buckbinder)

"The Decline of Faculty Influence": Confronting the effects
of the Corporate Agenda" (from the volume "Fragile Truth:
25 Years of Sociology and Anthropology in Canada", edited
by Carroll et al).

I believe these would be good and useful reading for the
workgroup on governance. I will keep one copy for myself
and leave the remaining nine at the YUFA office, with Heidi.
Please pick up your copy at your earliest convenience. I have
asked YUFA if they can provide extra copies, since our group
includes at least 40 people.

Have a great summer. Then let's get together in September
to continue our mandate.


Luigi M Bianchi