The 'Invisible' Senate

nuri t jazairi (nuri@YORKU.CA)
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 14:53:55 -0400

"A university needs an 'invisible senate', a stiffening spine which,
outside the formal and official committees and boards, spreads its concern
for the university beyond the boundaries of departments and up to the
boundaries of the university. This 'invisible sneate' cannot be planned;
it must emerge from the relationship of colleagues throughout the
university. It arises from a sense of obligation to the university as an
intellectual institution. This is not the same as being an 'academic
politician'; it means acting in a patently disintereested manner in a way
which gains the general acknowledgment of colleagues."

Edward Shils: "The Academic Ethic", pp. 58-59).

Nuri Jazairi