Re: Governance committee as a committe of YUFA

Igor Kusyszyn (kusyszyn@YORKU.CA)
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 12:40:51 -0400


Why not go all the way up to the BOG to achieve the committee's end?

Who was it that said, "Pressed into service means pressed out of shape?"

Why not somehow creatively, if only temporarily, make the members of the
Governance Committee honourary members of YUFA, the Senate and the Board of
Governors? Then the committee is certain to be taken seriously by one and

Why should anyone allow old structures to impede progress in these
difficult times for the university?

Igor Kusyszyn. Founders Gate.

P. S. Congratulations to you David on being elected to the Governance

At 10:49 AM 9/11/97 -0400, David Bakan wrote:
>I was thinking about the committee that is being formed to look into the
>governance of the university from the Faculty of Arts, and a concern arose
>in my mind, which also generated a proposal that I would like to invite some
>deliberation on.
>As has so often been commented on there is a huge amount of committee work
>which is engaged in by faculty at York University. And often, the benefit
>to the mission of the university in terms of the advancement of learning is
>very questionable. There are a number of reasons for this. But high among
>them is the fact that the committees at York University are very low in
>power, while an illusion of power is promoted.
> On the day that I arrived at York University I was told that every faculty
>council is simply a committee of the Senate, and that all their actions are
>essentially recommendations to the Senate. And this is, in point of fact,
>true as things stand.
>So when this committee on governance finishes its work and reports to the
>Faculty of Arts Council, and the Faculty of Arts Council votes in some way
>on what has come out of the committee, nothing of consequence can happen
>until it is approved by the Senate!
>If, indeed, as may well happen, the outcome of the work of the committee is
>to recommend that there have to be changes in the Senate itself, the whole
>task may well turn out to be absolutely for nothing.
>I therefore suggest that YUFA should designate the committee as a committee
>of YUFA as well. .
>David Bakan