Re: When do we start that debate...?

Nuri Jazairi (nuri@YORKU.CA)
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:32:20 -0400

Neal Madras asks: 'Constitutions for departments and units in the faculty?
Or something more substantial?'

I think there is a need for standard constitutions for all the departments
and units in the Faculty of Arts. Recently I was surprised when I heard
during the John Marshall affair that the Department of Geography
does not have a constitution. In Economics we have a constitution but it
has been amended several times usually at the initiative of the incumbent

It certainly would be helpful for discussions of the governance issues
that the Governance Committee publishes some information about how it
plans to approach its work. The terms of reference are extensive and the
task is obviously complex. There may be a need for Working Groups to
address certain issues. The resources available to the Committee and the
timetable for the Committee's work will be a major constraint.

Nuri Jazairi

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Neal Madras wrote:
> Paul LAURENDEAU asks,
> We don't need a ribbon-cutting ceremony to kick off the formal start of
> the "debate". We can start anytime someone has something to say.
> What shall it be first? New procedures for selecting deans and associate
> deans? A requirement that deans teach a course a year (as happens in Science,
> I believe)? A discussion of salaries of deans and former deans?
> Constitutions for departments and units in the faculty?
> Or something more substantial?
> By the way, I sometimes feel as if I am suffering from double vision, seeing
> many things appear simultaneously on ARTSFAC-L and YUFA-L. So it was
> interesting to see, when I last checked, that about half of the people
> on ARTSFAC-L are not on YUFA-L.
> Neal Madras
> Mathematics and Statistics