Re-prioritising the hiring of new faculty

David Bakan (dbakan@YORKU.CA)
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:32:20 -0400

In my opinion, the first order of business of all the deliberative units of
the university, the Board of Governors, the President and her staff, the
Senate, the various unions and bargaining associations, the faculty
councils, the departments, etc., at the present time should be the
re-prioritising of the hiring of new faculty, and the reduction of the
student/faculty ratio.

There are two sets of reasons for this:

The first is intrinsic.

The second is extrinsic. Other universities, which have followed policies
similar to that of York University, are likely coming to the same
realisation about intrinsic reasons, which will make the competition for
superior faculty all the greater.

David Bakan

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