Re: When do we start that debate...?

Neal Madras (madras@NEXUS.YORKU.CA)
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:38:44 -0400

Nuri Jazairi writes,

> I think there is a need for standard constitutions for all the departments
> and units in the Faculty of Arts. Recently I was surprised when I heard
> during the John Marshall affair that the Department of Geography apparently
> does not have a constitution. In Economics we have a constitution but it
> has been amended several times usually at the initiative of the incumbent
> chair.

I agree that a departmental constitution is important. We have one in
Mathematics and Statistics. It usually stays in the background, but every
once in a while we need it to settle issues over procedures. It doesn't
cover every single possible scenario, and it needs revising every once in
a while, but it is a useful way to set out some rules objectively.

Which units in Arts do/don't have constitutions?

Neal Madras
Mathematics and Statistics