Marsden's Manadate

nuri t jazairi (nuri@YORKU.CA)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 18:28:19 -0400

The following is a (scanned) copy of the 'Presidential
Mandate for 1997-2002' which the Senate voted today
(Clipsham's motion) to refer to the Senate Exec for
its consideration and to report back on it at another

Nuri Jazairi



Approved by the Board of Governors

October 17, 1997

The President is responsible to the Board of Governors for the leadership
and all aspects of management of the University. The President is also
responsible for academic leadership in the University and will work with
the Senate and Academic Officers of the University to establish the
academic mission and focus of the University. The President and her
administration shall be characterized by a willingness to be open,
receptive and responsible to the views and concerns of individuals and
groups in the University community while striving to achieve the agreed
vision and goals of the University.

1. The President shall lead the university in the development and
enunciation of its values, vision and goals and the establishment and
implementation of comprehensive strategies to achieve these goals.
Students, staff, alumni and faculty shall all receive attention.

2 The President will encourage an international standard of
excellence in all Faculties, Colleges and Centres of the University in
undergraduate, graduate, professional and non--credit programs and
courses. The President must ensure that academic freedom is maintained and
that academic standards are sustained and improved. She should be
responsive to rigorous evaluations of all programs on a regular basis in
both academic and non-academic departments.

3. The President shall foster sound governance and constructive
working relationships within the University, encouraging Board, Senate and
administration to fulfill their respective responsibilities as defined by
the York Act in an atmosphere of mutual respect and productive

4 The President shall spend up to fifty percent of her time raising
the external profile and understanding of the University (1ocally,
nationally and internationally) and increasing its influence in its
relations with municipal, provincial and federal governments and agencies.

5 The President must ensure that the University maintains balanced
budgets and prudent management of the University's assets. She shall
enhance the University's financial self-sufficiency through ongoing
solicitation of public and private funding, both endowed and operating,
cooperative ventures and the maximization of benefits which can be
realized from the University assets.

6 Working with the Board, the President shall seek creative ways for
the University to become more accountable to the public while protecting
the necessary elements of institutional autonomy.

7. The President shall look for co-operative ventures with other
universities, institutions and corporations to enhance its academic
mission while reducing the University's costs and spreading its risks.

8 The President shall promote York University's profile and
competitive position in the university system and shall improve
understanding and appreciation of the unique role this University plays
and its value to society. In part, this will be accomplished by
participation in representative organizations such as AUCC, COU and
similar international organizations.

9. The President shall report to the Board of Governors at the end of
each year on progress achieved and plans for the next year. The President
will assist the Chair of the Board in Board development and together they
will work to improve the effectiveness of the Board in governance of the
University, and representation of the University externally.