Re: Arts Council Elections for Senate Rep

Neal Madras (madras@NEXUS.YORKU.CA)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 12:59:05 -0500

It is disturbing that the Arts Council Executive recommends keeping the counts
secret because it doesn't want people to know how few people vote. How can
participation in voting be improved? I assume that many people do not
vote because they have do not know anything about the candidates. (That is
certainly true in my case.) What can be done? If we asked for
statements from candidates, they might say the equivalent of
"The nominating committee asked me to run and and
I said okay", or else give a list of other committees that they have sat on.
Not so helpful. Maybe ask candidates to answer a set of questions about
priorities etc.?

One comment on Nuri's note: Although the
Arts Exec argued for continued secrecy, I recall Robert Drummond
asking that the matter be referred to the Committee on Governance.
Technically, that argues for "continued secrecy" because he did not want
the Council to vote on it immediately. But it certainly is within the mandate
of the Governance Committee, and so his request seemed appropriate.

Neal Madras
Mathematics and Statistics

Nuri Jazairi wrote,

> Arts Council 'elections' are hard to take seriously. Ballots counts are
> secret and the whole process is imperfect. Robert Drummond and Arts
> Council Exec argued today for continued secrecy in the interest of
> 'privacy'