Re: Another Arts Council 'elections'

Robert Drummond (robertd@YORKU.CA)
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 12:53:01 -0400

The current procedure for Faculty of Arts ballots is, I understand, that
they are sent to department and college offices with a list of names of
those to whom they are to be distributed. Each member of Council is on
one, and only one, list. If you believe your office mailbox is
insecure, you need to make arrangements with your office staff to make
it less so, since some things even more important than Arts Faculty
committee ballots are sometimes put there (cheques, essays, etc.). The
governance committee will be discussing means to make balloting more
secure, but there will possibly be some costs associated, and we need (I
submit) to balance the likelihood of "tampering" with council ballots
against the amenities that may have to be foregone if we embark on a
costly balloting procedure. I will be eager to find low-cost, but
secure, means of collecting votes. The ingenuity of our colleagues will
surely extend to such possibilities? Regards, Bob


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