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December 16, 1997

Government downloads cost of education onto universities and students

Deborah Flynn, President of the Ontario Confederation of University
Faculty Associations (OCUFA), said today that the Financial Statement
delivered yesterday by the province's Finance Minister makes it clear
that the government is downloading the cost of university education
onto universities and students.

"If the government was concerned about postsecondary education it
would have followed the recommendations of its own Advisory Panel on
Future Directions for Postsecondary Education which called for
significant increases in government funding." Dr. Flynn said.

A major recommendation of the Smith Commission was that the government
increase its support of universities and colleges in Ontario to the
average for other Canadian provinces and to a level that would bring
it reasonably in line with government support for public universities
in the U.S.

"The result of the recent statement made by the Finance Minister will
be that Ontario will stay as the province which provides the least per
capita funding to its universities," the OCUFA President said. "In
fact, in real dollars, the announcement likely will mean a further 2%
cut per year in the operating grants the universities receive from the

"Meeting the national average was a central point made by this
government when dealing with other areas of public spending," Dr.
Flynn said. "Why is it that the government is less concerned about
meeting this goal when it comes to university funding?"

"University administrations are now put into the situation of having
to choose between accessibility and quality. If universities increase
tuition, there will likely be a significant impact upon the ability of
some students to attend university. Without tuition fee increases,
there will be a further decline in the quality of university

Dr. Flynn pointed out that as a result of decreases in university
funding since 1990, there has been a decline of more than 1,000
faculty in Ontario universities.

"Tuition fees and student debt loads are already at too high a level,"
the OCUFA President said. "Ontario universities and students would
have been better served if this government had taken seriously its
responsibility to fund universities at an appropriate level."


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