FASC "Attendance Legislation" and activities (fwd)

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Subject: FASC "Attendance Legislation" and activities

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TO: Faculty of Arts Student Caucus (FASC) - through FASC
Chair and Vice-Chair and Past Chair: Daniel Ramlogan, David Zic and Kevin

CC. Helen Doan, Chair of Senate
Kim Michasiw, Chair of Arts Council
Ian Greene, Associate Dean
Cora Marie Mickler Dusk, Asst Vice-President, Student Affairs

FROM: Nuri Jazairi, Economics

SUBJECT:FASC "Attendance Legislation" and activities

DATE: January 11, 1998

I am writing to FASC members (listed below) through you concerning FASC
"Attendance Legislation" and activities in the Arts Council and in the

Let me state from the outset that I am a strong supporter of student
representation and participation in university councils. I firmly
believe that students have academic interests that must be represented
directly at all levels. However, student representatives should be
elected by and answerable to their constituencies; they should follow
proper and democratic procedures in their participation and
representation; they may have a voice but not a vote in purely faculty
concerns and faculty elections; and naturally they should be a distinct
but independent and responsible minority on committees and governing

With this in mind, I have the following concerns about the FASC operations
which I would like to ask you to consider and to address before the next
Arts Council meeting tentatively scheduled for February 12.

1. I understand that you have an "Attendance Legislation" dated February
17, 1997, which requires all members of FASC to attend all meetings of
FASC, all meetings of the Arts Council, and all FASC members of Council
committees must attend all meetings of their committees; otherwise failure
to attend "any combination" of three of these meetings in any year will
normally lead to a review and likely removal of the student Council member
from office. A copy of this legislation is appended to this memo. There is
apparently a similar legislation passed December 2, 1996 (as reported in
Excalibur, December 4, 1996) concerning attendance of Senate meetings by
all Arts Student Senators.

There are no attendance regulations for Arts Council meetings or for
Senate meetings. Arts students who are Council or Senate members are
governed by the rules and procedures of these two bodies like other
members. For example, a Senate "committee member who is absent from three
consecutive meetings will be deemed to have resigned his/her seat except
in cases of illness or other weighty grounds" [Senate Handbook, Committees
of the Senate, General Rules, 3(m); see also Rules and Procedures of the
Faculty of Arts Council, Election of Students, (ii) To Council Committees
-(c) where there is a similar rule about the attendance of student
committee members.] But there are no such attendance rules for the general
meetings of the Arts Council or the University Senate.

Arts Council meetings for which thirty-five voting members constitute a
quorum are now virtually dominated by students because of FASC attendance
rules. This does not appear to be quite right. More important, the FASC
"Attendance Legislation" (and the motions reported in Excalibur) are in my
opinion inconsistent with the rules and procedures of both Senate and Arts
Council. I therefore would like to ask you to reconsider the FASC
attendance rules with the view to revoking them.

2. I am also concerned about the role played by FASC members in Arts
Council elections. You seem to vote as a block of 60 to 90 students for or
against faculty candidates without even knowing them. Your voting in this
manner could mean that a handful of students decide the outcome of Council
elections - which is absurd. In principle, I personally believe that
faculty members running for committees must be elected by their fellow
faculty members and not by students. But if students were to vote for or
against particular faculty candidates, FASC members must at a minimum
ensure that their votes are neither capricious nor manipulated. I
therefore would like to ask FASC for information about the procedures and
criteria they follow when they vote as a block or as individuals for or
against faculty candidates in Council elections.

3. Finally, I understand that some Faculty of Arts students are or have
been employed in Faculty of Arts projects. I would like you to identify
FASC members, if any, who are or have been employed in such projects this
year or in the last three years.


Ammah, Richard; Baher, Elliot; Barbisan, Anthony; Barrett, Lyla;
Bahgwandin, Sean;
Belluardo, Antonio;Bhattal, Robin; Bradley, Courtney; Burke, Rory; Butany,
Cogan, Tami; Cohen, Tammy; Colodny, Shoshana; Colodny, Tamara; Craig,
Craus, Dalya; D'Souza, Mark; Davis, Mary; Duckworth, Geoff; Elias,
David;Ellis, Larry; Garces, Maria Corina; Greenberg, Ron; Greenspan,
Kevin; Gutierrez, Anthony; Hill, Amanda; Holland, Nicole; Javed, Ferhan;
Katz, Akiva; Khan, Alia; Klein, Av; Kociper, Soni;Kreichman, Felix;
MacKay, Carolyn;Mcmillan, Ross;Morgan, Gail; Oritz Montoya, Loyda;
Pacitti, Carmina; Patil, Sanjay; Preece, Dan;Ramlogan, Daniel; Richardson,
Jeremy; Shainhouse, Ilana; Shapero, Dana; Silverstein, Elliott;Sklar, Rob;
Skryzio, Dannielle; South, Harriet; Spindel, Eric; Svoboda, Eva;
Theriault, Alanda; Tworkowski, Adam; van Dassen, Julie; Weinberger,
Michael; Wise, Noah; Wright, Douglas; Zagorski, Anita; Zic, David.



FASC Attendance Legislation Passed by Caucus February 17, 1997.

I All members of FASC must attend all meetings of FASC provided that
a minimum of one week notice of the meeting was provided.

II All members of FSAC must attend all meetings of the Council of the
Faculty of Arts.

III All members of a committee of the Council of the Faculty of Arts
must attend all meetings of their committee.

IV Failure to attend any combination of three meetings of the above
list, in any year, without providing the Chair of FASC with proper notice,
shall result in the Chair of FASC presenting the Councilor in question at
the next meeting of FASC for a review of said Councilor's performance. if
FASC is not satisfied with the reasons for the Councilor's absences, the
Councilor shall be removed from office.