Re: "Unpaid uncredited teaching"

Martin Thomas (androgyn@YORKU.CA)
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 11:36:40 -0500


You should raise this with your Department Steward (that's you, isn't
it?) and then with the chief steward for the Faculty.

Marty Thomas
Arts Rep, YUFA Exec

nuri t jazairi wrote:
> Two days ago Igor raised the question concerning "Unpaid uncredited
> teaching". From 1991/1992 through 1995/1996 I taught a regular university
> credit course (Econ4320) as an overload and the University still refuses
> to pay me for it despite my repeated and continuing demands to be paid my
> compensation for this course over the period of five years. The teaching
> assignments memos (e.g. dated 26 April, 1994, and signed by Dr. Fallis)
> contains a note saying that the course for that year (enrollment 12
> students) was "not for pay". Others (e.g. May 13, 1993, also from Dr.
> Fallis) it has a note saying "non-credit". I have written two memos to Dr.
> Sheila Embleton (I have posted the latest at:
> with copies to V-P
> Stevenson concerning payment for this course, and Embleton replied that I
> taught it on "voluntary" basis and therefore I was entitled for
> compensation. In fact this course is different from guided research course
> I teach free (last year I taught two such courses). The matter is still
> unresolved.
> The five-page memo to Dr. Embleton posted on my Web page contains the
> following about my request for compensation:
> "Overload compensation:
> I would like you to review your records concerning the fact that I have
> taught
> Econ4320 as a scheduled course in the Faculty of Arts in the past five
> years. The
> course was taught as overload. This too I would like you to confirm. There
> is no
> system in the University of paying for overload courses "unless (taught)
> on a purely
> voluntary basis" as you state in your brief reference to this matter. I am
> telling you I
> have not taught this overload course voluntarily. You are telling me I may
> have
> taught it "purely" voluntarily. This is ridiculous. I have not been paid
> my
> compensation. Period. Therefore, I request that the Faculty of Arts pay me
> in full
> and immediately my entitlement for this course.
> I have taught in the past guided research courses free, and I will be
> teaching during
> 1996/1997 two guided research courses free. I have also taught Economics
> 2500.03CF (more than 50 students) in F92 overload and without pay;
> however, it
> was my wish and decision to donate all the funds due to me to a
> scholarship fund in
> memory of Professor Warner (page 477 of York Calendar, where the source is
> misidentified since all the funds came from my donation). I did not even
> ask for or
> receive charity donation receipts for my taxes; Frank McIntyre kindly
> agreed that
> the overload gross pay (some $10,000 in the Fall of 1992) be deposited in
> full in
> the the Stanley L. Warner memorial fund.
> But the case of Econ4320 is completely different. It is a scheduled
> Faculty of Arts
> course which I taught, and which my records show I taught overload and
> without
> compensation - and I do not recall directing that the proceeds be devoted
> to another
> memorial; certainly, not to the Faculty of Arts. Please check your records
> with
> special care and attention. This is a very important matter for me;
> surely, you
> cannot dismiss it with a very brief reference stating that it is
> "apparently without
> basis". Apparently ? You have all the budgetary data and course
> assignments, and
> you should be able to establish who and how Econ4320 was taught in the
> past five
> years and get to the bottom of this problem."
> I would like to take this opportunity of making this
> issue public (Igor, thank you!) to ask YUFA for
> guidance and assistance in my efforts to get paid for
> these five overload courses I taught at York.
> Nuri Jazairi
> On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Igor Kusyszyn wrote:
> > Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 09:48:26 -0500
> > From: Igor Kusyszyn
> > Reply-To: York University Faculty Association List
> > Subject: "Unpaid uncredited teaching"
> >
> > Sibs,
> >
> > I just requested to teach a second half-term section of a new fourth year
> > course I initiated,
> > "Advanced Seminar in the Psychological Study of Creativity."
> > My chair told me I could teach a second section on "an unpaid uncredited"
> > basis if a classroom could be found.
> > I did not quite understand the phrase "unpaid and uncredited" so I asked if
> > that meant "for free."
> > She said yes, I could teach it for free as overload without any kind of
> > compensation.
> > Credit and compensation were not possible because of the recent budget cuts
> > imposed on departments by the dean.
> >
> > Have any of you been asked to teach extra courses for free?
> > Should we do this if we are really passionate about a new course?
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Igor Kusyszyn. Somewhat frustrated.
> >