Re: Arts Council Expulsions

Robert Drummond (robertd@YORKU.CA)
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 08:58:42 -0500

I suspect the Dean and the Secretary of Council did not intervene in the
procedures of the Faculty Student Caucus for fear that someone would accuse
them of meddling in the internal politics of the student group. There have
been cases in the past however when the Secretary has advised the student
caucus that some of its procedures would not be acceptable to Council; I
don't know if any advice has been given in this case. I don't know what
reasonable response I can give to the opinion of one unnamed student about
the procedures. As to fictitious issues, I ask again why the absence of
faculty members from Arts Council is, in your apparent judgment, a problem
rooted in the procedures of the student caucus? Also, do you have any actual
evidence that students have been "bought off" by the Dean's office or is this
simply speculation and innuendo? Bob Drummond
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