Re: fenton, incentive grants, etc. (fwd)

nuri t jazairi (nuri@YORKU.CA)
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 11:20:03 -0500

Joel - thank you for this very interesting report on
Fenton's research grants. I suppose Fenton's advisory
committee, like Fallis's Faculty of Arts committees,
even had student representatives on it. What a farce!

Nuri Jazairi

On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Joel Shore wrote:
> In Sept. of 1997 Fenton asked me to be on an advisory panel to
> the VP of research (Fenton). I served on the panel for 4 months
> and resigned about 3 weeks ago.
> The panel was to evaluate proposals for incentive grants, and as it
> turned out, some other grants as well*. I was concerned about the
> composition of this panel. I was simply hand picked by Fenton and
> I assume that all the other members were as well (I don't know who the
> other members were/are). I debated about accepting this position and two
> people suggested to me that I should go to the first meeting and that
> the first item of business should be a motion to dissolve the current
> panel and assemble a new one constructed using a collegial process.
> It turns out that this panel has/had never met and so there was no
> opportunity to dissolve the committee. I did tell Fenton I felt
> this panel was inappropriately constructed (i.e. apparently being composed
> solely of individuals hand picked by Fenton) and that was why I ultimately
> resigned.
> The general process of evaluating proposals was carried out
> in the following manner: Proposals were circulated to panel members,
> we were asked to comment on them, we were typically informed of the final
> decision. I can only assume that Fenton made the final decision, and since
> he apparently also hand-picked the entire panel, in my view the decisions
> were/are solely his!
> I wonder why SCOR isn't involved in this process?
> Since we have numerous nominating committees at dept. and faculty levels
> I wonder why Fenton doesn't use these to obtain panel members?
> I wonder how we can change the structure of this panel and have it assembled
> based (if only in part) upon some collegial process.
> Cheers
> Joel
> *a few SSERC grants of some sort or other, also grants for a seminar
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