Arts Council meetings - some explanations for low attendance

nuri t jazairi (nuri@YORKU.CA)
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 15:00:13 -0500

A memo from former Associate Dean Bernie Lightman attached to the minutes
of the October 12, 1995 Council meeting, proposing extensive changes to
the Rules and Procedures of the Council, contains the following
explanation for low faculty attendance of Council meetings:

'We take the consistently low attendance at Council meetings to mean,
first, that for many faculty, the teaching unit provides the primary
opportunity for discussion of important issues; second, that there is
confidence that the leadership of the Faculty is strong and that it is
fulfilling responsibilities to keep members informed in other ways; and,
third, that the committees are acting responsibly in reviewing and
proposing legislation. The Executive Committee is recommending, then, that
the quorum for Council meetings be reduced from fifty to thirty-five.'

Nuri Jazairi