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nuri t jazairi (nuri@YORKU.CA)
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 20:44:16 -0500

Bruce - the 1997-98 Exec Committee of the Arts Council are

Isabella Bakker
Susan Bryson
Cynthia Dent
Peter Landstreet
Kathryn McPherson

Kim Michasiw (Chair of Council)
Viv Nelles (Vice Chair)
Ian Greene (Associate Dean)

Three Students:
[I think they are the following:
Kevin Greenspan, Sanjay Patil and Dan Ramlogan]

Gwyn Buck - Secretary of Council.

I am personally quite concerned about of this committee

Nuri Jazairi

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998, Bruce Flattery wrote:
> Nuri,
> Who are the Exec committee of FArts?
> Bruce
> > Neil - I agree with your prognosis. I would like to add however that the
> > vote of no confidence was ignored by the administration and by the Dean of
> > Arts because the rules of democracy are not respected at York. In the Arts
> > Council in particular we should make the perfecting of parliamentary
> > power our first priority. There has been some progress in the Senate, but
> > the situation in the Arts is very different. I hold the Exec committee of
> > the Arts Council responsible for much of the blame.
> >
> > Nuri Jazairi