Research Summary

Steve Hellman (shellman@YORKU.CA)
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 13:58:35 -0500

Nuri raised the important question of how the various research funds are
allocated. I can't speak for every single item on the list that Pam Edgecombe
sent around. Many of these are quite minor, and a number are automatically
assigned, e.g. matching funds for GAships, for computer expenses, or lump
sum deposits for applying for certain grants.

As for the major grants and/or fellowships, and even for many of the minor
involving up to a few thousand dollars, faculty and university-wide
make these decisions. These are usually called Research, Grants, and
Committees, and their composition can vary depending on whether represent the
entire university or just a faculty. We actually vote to elect
representatives to these
committees, which are overwhelmingly made up of our own faculty colleagues. I
have served on several over the years and have found the work -- though
when hard choices have to be made -- to be among the more pleasant
duties at York, since you actually get to find out what your colleagues are

Steve Hellman
Political Science