Career Information on the Web?

Walter Whiteley (
Fri, 17 Nov 95 8:00:33 EST


In composing my own answer to a longer message about mathematics
stuff and 'Schoolnet', I realized we might get some additional funding,
and be able to do a more complete job, on some Web information on Math
Careers if we proposed to participate in the following project.

If people are interested, I could write up a proposal to the
appproriate person, for $5k to augment our funding, perhaps stretch
some work into the summer or add someone else to do web stuff.

As the faculty will recall, there was lots of other parts,
and if ppeople are directly interested, we could look at some
of those as well.


We have been invited to write a proposal for Industry Canada (IC). In
broad terms the CMS has the opportunity to take on some responsibility
for mathematics on SchoolNet (SN).

I plan to start with a proposal to IC that lists a number of specific
projects that can be completed by March 31, 1996. I will attempt to
obtain funding on the order of up to $5K for each one of these to a
total amount of somewhere between $30-$50K. The timeframe for writing
this initial proposal is very tight. I intend to have a first draft
ready by the end of this month with the goal of achieving some sort of
agreement in principle between IC and the CMS by our December meeting
in Vancouver. Given this timeframe, there won't be time to hold a real
competition between proposals - I plan to select those that look best
to me. While these are on-going, we will build an ad-hoc committee,
presumably a sub-committee of the education committee, to review a
second round of projects. The successful projects would then go forward
to IC in phase II of this initiative. Then we can think about phase III
and so on.

I solicit from those who are interested in applying for such funding a
single page describing the project to be undertaken and how it fits the
picture sketched below. I would also like an additional page describing
the budget for the project. Both pages should be in LaTeX, please.

>From my point of view, projects yielding a "deliverable" are most
desirable. I have to able to point to the success of phase I in order
to succeed at phase II. I have lifted the following from schoolnet
documents. Here are the areas they see needing content/help/people.

6. Career Information. "... Access to information about careers related
to the subject area. Background information (required education, job
profiles) and a framework for career-related discussions with those
already working in the subject area are provided. "

That's the end of the document that I have. Please make my life hell over
the next few weeks - drown me in worthy projects!

I look forward to your many and varied responses.

Sincerely Yours,

eddy campbell