Careers Information on SchoolNet

Walter Whiteley (
Mon, 27 Nov 95 15:13:55 EST

As I proposed in a message a few weeks ago, I have
sent off the attached proposal for extended funding
of the 'Careers' and 'High School Liason' parts of
our 'Transitions Team'.

Sorry I could not get feedback first, but their deadline
is very soon. Let me know if there are suggested changes,
and I will try to get a revised version in which reflects
the broader input.

Walter Whiteley

Note - this is a Latex document. Ignore the stuff after the % on any line,
and the funny 'controls'. The message will still be clear. I can
give you a hard copy if you prefer.

% A Latex File for
% Careers in Mathematics Proposal
% November 25, 1995

\documentclass{article} %
\begin{document} %
\vskip -24 pt

\begin{center}{\bf A Proposal for Careers Pages in Mathematics and
on the SchoolNet}
Walter Whiteley, for the Expanding Horizon's Project,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
York University,
\\ 4700 Keele Street, North York, Ontario, M3J 1P3

{\bf 1. Background}

For the past two years, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
at York University has hired an undergraduate mathematics or
statistics major to develop and revise a `Careers in Mathematics' binder,
for use by our students. This year, the revision has been
incorporated in a larger `Transitions' project which is
developing resources for the transition from high school to university and
from University to employment (or graduate school). We
also have explicit plans to incorporate some careers information into pages
at our mathematics department server, as well as links to existing career
resources at a variety of web and gopher sites.

Other aspects of the `Transitions' project include work with high school
teachers, advisors and students to expand the recruiting of students for
programs in mathematics and statistics. Clearly career information is
be part of this.

These students are paid within Work/Study projects, at \$10.00 per hour,
for 170 hours per academic year. In addition, a graduate student
participant/advisor for `Transitions' is paid directly from a York
University grant, and a team of three faculty advisors meet regularly
with the students.

{\bf 2. Proposal}

We propose to expand this local projec to develop web
pages and web links at ShoolNet on Careers in Mathematics and Statistics,
suitable for high school students, high school teachers and high school
advisors. In addition, mutual links with US resources corresponding to the
Mathematics Section of SchoolNet (The Mathematics Forum at Swarthmore,
formerly the Geometry Forum) could be incorporated for a number of parts of

It would be natural to modify the resources and links we are
developing locally for a broader audience. It would also be
appropriate to build career issues into our planned discussions with High
School Teachers and Advisors, to expand sources and to test preliminary
versions of resources for their usefulness. Additional high school
related resources, now avaiable only in hard copy, would be incorparated
onto the net (with permission of the originators of the documents, such as
the MAA, the AMS and particular Professional Societies).

With additional \$5,000 in funding, this `Careers in Mathematics' portion
could be extended into the summer months, paying for approximately 450
hours of additional work by several students, either senior undergraduate or
graduate. Within this expanded project, initial work with
School net could begin as soon as the funding was announced, and
corresponding hours of the `local work' redistributed into the summer (May
- August).


{\bf 3. Budget for Careers Pages on School Net}

Summer Pay for Undergraduate or Graduate Students:

450 hrs @ \$10.00 per hr. plus holiday pay etc. \hfill = \$4,600


Photcopying, mailing,
long-distance calls, etc. \hfill = \$\ \ 400


Total \hfill = \$5,000