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Pat Rogers (progers@EDU.YorkU.CA)
Thu, 14 Dec 95 01:03:57 -0500

I read the following column in our local paper on Sunday and
thought it was fascinating and wanted to share part of it with

Dave DeVries

(Column in Macon Telegraph, Sunday, Dec. 10, 1995)
by Carol Klelman
Chicago Tribune
435 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Ill 60611

"Chicago- Being paid for individual effort is something most of
us believe is part of the American way; even part of the American
But that was before working in teams became an important
management tool: It's estimated that in 1994 one third of U.S.
employees worked in teams; this year the percentage is expected
to rise to 50 percent.
And as teams proliferate, so does team pay, in which
individual compensation is tied to project success. For some
that change is a nightmare.
"I'm a member of a team in a midsize manufacturing company"
a reader from Arizona said. "I don't feel I'm being paid
properly. I've met all my individual goals, but other team
members and the team overall did not. That means I take a hit in
my paycheck, and I don't like it."..........

"Team pay began in the 1980s and is going full steam ahead"
said Steven E. Gross, author of "Compensation for Teams: How to
Design and Implement Team-Based Reward Programs" (Amacom $65)
"The output of goods and services is a group effort" said
Gross. ..."The real question employees on a team must ask is what
is expected of them and what role they play on the team.".....
Among the firms using team pay are: Ameritech, American
Express, Trigon Blue Cross/Blue Sheild, Hallmark Cards, Keystone
Foods." ...........

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