Re: Immediate 'audit' info required

Tina Haller (haller@YorkU.CA)
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 13:12:25 -0500 (EST)

Hi Walter;

This shouldn't be a problem, I will do this myself at home during the
holidays. Just let me know for sure what information you need. I am
writing an exam on Wednesday, December 20th at 9:30-12:30. Will you and
Georges be available in the afternoon so we can discuss this further.
Thanks a lot.

On Wed, 13 Dec 1995, Walter Whiteley wrote:

> Tina
> THe department is planning a 'retreat' day in early
> January (January 4 - you will be invited).
> In preparing for this, we decided it would be vaulabe to have
> aome 'facts' down for everyone - numbers of students
> per program per year of study, etc..
> Most of the information we want is contained in the
> "York University Fact Books" - each year. However,
> it needs to be extracted and represented in different form.
> I have photocopies of the revlant pages from most years:
> (1994-95, 1992-93, 91-92, 90-91, 89-90). I hope to track down
> 1993-94 tomorrow (Thursday). I have also tried representing
> the data from 94-95, so I have a proposed form for a 2-sided
> 'fact sheet'.
> I would like to know whether you and/or some of the undergraduates
> could do this next week (or at home by January 3). Let me know.
> I will put what I have in the W/S mail box tomorrow. However,
> the transformation from their tables to my figures may
> take some explanations!
> Beyond these 'facts' I am interested in some other
> facts which are buried in the diskette of enrolements
> etc. which I understand you received from Angela.
> Those are some data on serveice work:
> (a) numbers of course enrolements (by course) of
> computer science majors (ignoring double majors with Math);
> (b) numbers of course enrolments (by course) with
> coordinated business, economics.
> Let me know whether people can spend some time on this.
> I would be happy to talk with anyone about what I have in
> mind - and to hear suggestions to improve it.
> Walter Whiteley