Fwd: I talked with Pat

Pat Rogers (progers@EDU.YorkU.CA)
Thu, 18 Jan 96 07:29:09 -0500

Just to warn you - I haven't sent that note yet, I've been swamped - but I'll
make sure it goes out today. Pat


Hi everyone;

I talked with Pat today. She has a few suggestions for the survey which I will pick up and make tomorrow, but as we have put the distribution off for a few days this wont be a problem. She has sent a message to all faculty explaining

briefly the Horizons project and warning the faculty that we will be approaching them. We will need to give letters to specific faculty, and perhaps give them an email account to which they can reply if they have questions or concerns (or don't want us to come). I don't think that there will be a problem, as Pat will make it all sound very offical in the cover email she sends. We should meet again on Monday at 5:30 to finalise preparations for distribution which is to begin on Wednesday.

Jonathan Jonathan Slater York University jslater@calumet.yorku.ca

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