Departmental Surveys

Pat Rogers (progers@EDU.YorkU.CA)
Fri, 19 Jan 96 12:16:28 -0500

You may remember that the department was successful this year in obtaining
funding from the VP (Academic) to undertake several projects designed to serve
our students better. These projects are combined under the theme "Expanding
Horizons." We have hired 6 undergraduates and 2 graduate students to work on
these projects which are overseen by the Horizons Committee which includes
Israel Kleiner, Georges Monette (originator of the idea), Pete Peskun, and Pat
Rogers (chair). The students work in two teams - one is conducting an audit
of the department and the other is trying to find ways to improve the
transition of our students from high school to York and from York to graduate
school or the workplace.

Shortly you may be contacted by one of these teams who will seek your
permission to administer a survey to the students in one of your classes. To
ensure maximum participation and reliability of the data, we have been advised
by ISR that it is important for the surveys to be administered in class by a
member of the Horizons team. The Audit Survey will take approximately 25
minutes including administration and the Transitions Survey about 15 minutes.
The names of the students involved are:

Audit Team: Katie Caldwell, Peter DiFrancesco, Tina Haller, Jonathan Slater,
Jeff Thomas
Transitions Team: Clara Auyeung, Linh Duong, Liat Jacob

These surveys will be important to future planning initiatives in the
department and to the health of our programmes and our students. I strongly
urge you to cooperate with us in this endeavour and thank you in advance for
your indulgence. All date gathered is confidential and will be reported as
summary form only.

Pat Rogers
Chair, Horizons Committee


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