Career options for math majors via Seneca (fwd)

Walter Whiteley (
Wed, 21 Feb 96 8:19:50 EST

I think someone connected with the Careers Binder should
attend and collect inromation for the binder. By the way, I
still have a stack of CAAT catalogues from two years ago
when I inquired about the same issue - but it was not followed
Walter Whiteley
This Thursday, February 22, at the Career Centre in N108 Ross,
between 12:45 and 2:15, representatives from Seneca College will be
giving presentations on various diploma programmes they offer.

Two of these programmes may be of direct interest to our students
majoring in mathematics. For students entering with a Bachelor's
Degree, each of these would be a full-time 8-month programme
combining coursework and field placements leading to employment
opportunities in areas that are presently in high demand.

1) Mortgage Broker Post-diploma Certificate Program

The first semester ... acquaints students with introductory subjects in
mortgage brokering, financing, property valuation, contracts, and real
estate transactions. The final semester ... considers new subjects such
as debtor/creditor remedies, organizing and operating a mortgage
brokering business, and professional responsisbility/ ethics.
Graduates may find employment in mortgage, trust, and banking
institutions. They may also find career opportunities as an investor,
loans officer, mortgage broker, or field underwriter.

2) Post-diploma Certificate in Real Property Administration

The first semester ... acquaints students with introductory subjects in
property valuation, financing, and real property assessment.
Subsequent semester(s) cover aspects of property law, appraising,
mortgage financing and underwriting, property assessment and
taxation, data processing, lease evaluation and investment analysis.
Graduates may find employment in mortgage, trust, insurance
companies, appraisal offices, property tax agent firms, and
assessment offices, and in municipal and provincial governments.
Careers include property appraisers, assessors, mortgage
underwriters, tax agents, leasing assistants, and municipal
assessment monitors.

The descriptions above are taken from Seneca's publicity brochures.
They are seeking applicants with a background in mathematics and
statistics who also have some experience with computer applications.

If you are teaching a course whose students might be interested in
these possibilities, please announce the scheduled presentation to
your classes that meet this Wednesday or Thursday, February 21
and 22.

PS Sorry for the short notice, but I just learned of this today,
February 20.

Don Pelletier