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Tue, 10 Oct 1995 12:22:43 +0100

(October 10, 1995 update)


Heather's Scary Halloween Page
Heather is 5 years old and has created a great Halloween page. Tell Heather
what you want to be for Halloween and she'll put your name on her Halloween
Wall, read safety tips for a safe and happy Halloween, and follow links to
other Halloween Web sites. Heather says, "BOO! See ya' there!" My rating:

Virtual Haunted House
"Brace yourself for a creepy trip through our shadowy hallways. Be might meet some familiar spooks and goblins!" Visit the
Discovery Middle School and their Halloween issue of Midlink Magazine.
There are lots of Halloween pictures, drawn by students, and a Halloween
Haiku" poetry section! My rating: 5/5.

The Haunted House: Halloween Fun for Kids
Planning a Halloween party? Mom Bonnie Bedford suggests many fun party
ideas for food, decorations and games. She also provides a maze, scary
pictures, Halloween stories for you to complete, and a short history of
Halloween. A few of the party ideas are too scary for me, so I rate this
Haunted House 4/5.

Casper the Ghost
Visit Whipstaff Manor, the home of Casper the Ghost, to play a treasure
hunt game. Make sure you explore all the rooms and keep an eye out for
clues. Beware! If you have a slow Internet connection, you may find the
huge graphics which take a long time to load the scariest thing of all. My
rating: 3/5.


Energy Quest
October is National Energy Awareness Month in the United States. Learn
about energy and how to save it by coloring, playing games, puzzles, and
more. To help you pick an appropriate activity, each one is accompanied by
lightning bolts indicating whether it is easy, medium or hard. My rating:


Tessa's Cool Links for Kids
Tessa shares some of her favorite Web sites with you. Each link includes a
picture and description. My rating: 5/5.

Sarah's Kid's Page
Looking for a penpal? Thirteen-year-old Sarah has created a page for
children find a penpal. She also includes links to other kid's sites, as
well as a link to Sarah's Entertainment Page for teens. My rating: 5/5.


Kids' Crambo
Interactive word games to play including crambo, ziggy piggy, and doggerel.
Susie, the games' creator, checks Kids' Crambo several times a day to make
sure all responses are appropriate for children. My rating: 3/5.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Get in the Christmas spirit by reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas! This
online version of Dr. Seuss' story is partly narrated by Boris Karloff.
Large Christmas-colored text makes it fun and easy to read. My rating: 4/5.


4 Kids
Climb up to this treehouse where you'll find topical list of fun, safe, and
educational Web sites for kids. My rating: 4/5.

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