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January 24, 1997 update

ACTIVITY CENTERS The Supersite for Kids
Features plenty of fun original games and activities: an online coloring
book, puzzles, guessing games, spelling games, mystery games and stories,
and lots more. has also licensed many popular children's sites
from around the Web and offers them at This is a fun and safe
place for kids to play. Note: Some activities use Java. My rating: 5/5.

Willim Willya
Color a few pictures and play fill-in-the-blank rhyming and matching games
based on the William Willya book series. My rating: 4/5.

FreeZone is a great looking site that features articles, games, fun facts,
epals, interactive activities, and more. You can submit articles, book
reviews, movie reviews, music reviews, jokes, and participate in moderated
bulletin boards and chat areas. For kids and teens between 10 and 16 years
old. My rating: 5/5.

Little Explorers
Click on letters of the alphabet to view pages in this picture dictionary.
Pictures will link you to online connect-the-dots games, Scrambled
Dinosaurs, nursery rhymes and stories, as well as hundreds of activities,
zoos and museums, arts and crafts, and other educational sites. This site
is intended for preschool and elementary school age children. My rating:

Planet Zoom
Planet Zoom features interactive Java-based activities. Visit Storybook
Park to read an illustrated storybook or send in your own story. Go to
Tornado Lane to play word games and to "If You Lived In" to explore other
cultures. Note: Pages have been designed for a 800x600 screen so you will
have to scroll from side to side if you have a smaller screen. Netscape 3.0
or Internet Explorer 3.0 recommended. Uses Java and VRML. My rating: 3/5.

Here, you'll find lots of online games, fun food facts and recipes, and
links. The <A HREF="">GusTown
Index</A>, a text list of all the activities on the site, is the easiest
place to start. Note: Many of the games require Shockwave. My rating: 4/5.


Cartoon Corners
Learn to draw cartoons and discover drawing tricks. The Cartoon Corner also
offers puzzles, stories, and jokes and riddles. My rating: 5/5.

Cartoon Mania
Jerry Hish, a cartoonist/illustrator, offers an easy-to-follow online
cartoon drawing course. Learn to draw a lion, an alligator, a gorilla and
an elephant. Visit the gallery to see cartoons drawn by other boys and
girls. Great: 5/5.

Snowflakes You Can Make
Includes instructions for making a 6-sided paper snowflake. My rating: 3/5.

<A HREF="">Coloring Pages</A> and <A
HREF="">Arts and Crafts</A>
A comprehensive listing of coloring pages that you can color online or
print and color, and kids' arts and crafts pages on the Internet. This
page, part of <A HREF="">Bonnie's Fun
Things to do on the Computer</A>, was created by a Mom for her 6-year old.
Note: Some pages require Shockwave or Java. My rating: 5/5.


The Ohio Art toy company offers mazes to print, online puzzles, games, toy
history and trivia, and best of all a great interactive version of
Note: Requires Shockwave. My rating: 5/5.

Stanley Park Chase
Help Dexter the dog find the gold he buried somewhere in Stanley Park. Each
correct answer to a multiplication question will lead you closer to the
treasure. My rating: 4/5.

Durand School: Logic and Word Games
A great collection of Java games to test your logic and vocabulary skills:
connect 4, nim, othello, crossword, lights and hangman. My rating: 4/5.

A huge list kids' games at <A
HREF="">Bonnie's Fun Things to do on the
Computer</A>. This page was created by a Mom for her 6-year old. Note: Some
games require Shockwave or Java. My rating: 5/5.


A long list of kids' stories for Early Readers, Parents to Read to Child,
and Middle to Older Readers that you can read on the WWW. This page, part
of <A HREF="">Bonnie's Fun Things to do
on the Computer</A>, was created by a Mom for her 6-year old. Note: Some
stories require Shockwave or Java. My rating: 5/5.


Kidz WebRing
Ten-year old Kim Bonney of South Africa own a Web ring linking 150 kids
homepages and counting. My rating: 4/5.

Monika's Kid Zone
Ten-year old Monika of Teulon, Manitoba, Canada has put a lot of work into
her home page. She presents jokes and riddles, far-out animals facts, fun
ways to save money, craft ideas, a poetry page, and more. My rating: 5/5.


Ant-boy's Bugworld
Learn about ants, butterflies, bees, cockroaches, spiders, and other
insects. Each page includes a few facts about each type of insect and links
to other bug sites. My rating: 3/5.


Forensic Files
Help Newton the Beagle solve a mysterious environmental crime using
forensic science. On each page you must decide what to do next in order to
solve the crime. While you play, you will learn about forensic science
through the characters, puzzles, and activities. This game designed for
upper elementary age children. My rating: 5/5.

Museum of Science and Industry
Tour a miniature Fairy Castle, watch a chick hatch, explore a historic city
street, see cells being attacked by the AIDs virus, visit exhibits on
airplanes, a submarine, fantastic machines, and more. Note: Some exhibits
use Shockwave, RealAudio, Quicktime, and QuicktimeVR. My rating: 4/5.

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