Theodore Tugboat Bulletin

Mark Larson (
Sat, 10 May 1997 18:40:13 +0000

MAY 9/97 update


JazeeBear Fun Activities Center
Color a page online and then email it to a friend, solve online jigsaw and
slider puzzles, and try origami. JazeeBear uses Java. My rating: 4/5.

Professor Pockets' Fun Stuff
Professor Pockets, a children's minister and computer trainer, presents
online Java games and a painting program, stories, hobby ideas, a Creation
Challenge quiz, the Creation Kids Club, and other activities for Christian
kids. My rating: 5/5.

This yummy site has a sweet candy clock to color and a maze, yummy recipes
made from candy and instructions for making your own rock candy, the
history of chocolate, trivia, and nutritional facts that show candy isn't
so bad for you after all! From the National Confectioners Association and
the Chocolate Manufacturers Association. My rating: 4/5.

Bibi the Honeybear
The page has a picture story, a bear house to make, a 3D VRML bear, and a
coloring book. After 4 visits you will receive a personalized Bibi diploma.
Also available in Dutch. My rating: 4/5.


How to Make a Pop-Up
Make a pop-up talking mouth that you can turn into a frog card, a lion
table centerpiece, or whatever else you imagination can conjure up. My
rating: 3/5.


Learn to Tie These Knots
Boy Scout Troop 9 in Billings, Montana use animated drawings to show you
how to tie yourself into a knot! My rating: 4/5.


Animal Photos from The National Zoo
Lots of pictures and facts about animals that live at the National Zoo:
mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and invertebrates. My rating: 5/5.


ScienceWeb - Featured Explorations
Canada's ScienceWeb takes you on explorations of science and technology.
The Hairy Star Party teaches you about comets and keeps you up-to-date on
current comet sightings. Visit British Columbia to see the Burgess Shale,
the famous Cambrian era fossil bed. You'll also find science-angles in
popular movies and TV shows, answers to science questions and science news.
My rating: 5/5.

Canadian Astronaut Program
Meet Canadian astronauts and find out how they prepared for missions. My
rating: 4/5.


Safe For Kids Webring
A Webring is a different way to surf your way around the Web. Instead of a
list of sites, like Berit's Best Sites for Children, a webring joins sites
with something in common, such as sites for kids, by linking one to another
in a ring. Each site in the Safe for Kids Webring is inspected by the ring
owner before it is added to the loop. My rating: 4/5.

Surfing the Net with Kids
Read Barbara J. Feldman's newspaper column. Each week Barbara selects her
favorite sites on a particular topic and reviews and rates each pick. Some
of the older columns include broken links. My rating: 3/5.

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