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Mon, 2 Jun 1997 21:50:43 +0000

May 30/97


Brent and Woofy Fun Book
Brent and his puppet pal Woofy offer activities to print for young
children: How Many Game, Maze, Loop-A-Word, Letters Games, Different Woofy,
and Coloring. My rating: 4/5.

Cathy's Picnic
There's plenty to do at Cathy's Picnic: print, color and assemble an alien
village and an Easter village, visit the Java Fun House with games, a
coloring book, puzzles and crafts, read Crazy Nursery Rhymes, follow links
to other kids' sites, and more. Wow: 5/5!

Barnyard Buddies Kids
Print and color pictures of farm animal characters and play Race to the
Barn and the Gobbledygook Farm Trivia Game. My rating: 3/5.

Nabisco Kids
At Nabisco Kids you can play Time Surfer Quest to stop Dr. Snackmasher from
zapping all the cookies out of existence. The online magazine, Kid's
Chronicles, features brain teasers and puzzles, and film, music and games
reviews. My rating: 4/5.

United States Postal Service Kids
Color different stamps each month, design your own postage stamp, learn
about stamp collection, and play interactive Shockwave games. My rating:


Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
Draw and color your own cat, surfer, rabbit, chimpanzee, walrus,
Jill-in-the-box, chef, panda, chick, penquin, and more. Uncle Fred provides
step-by-step instructions for drawing each cartoony figure and shows you
how he colored each one. My rating 5/5.


Great Games at
Here, you'll find lots of links to online Java games that are fun and easy
to play. There are also collections of non-Java mazes, puzzles and
activities. Note: When you visit your browser will be hidden by a
special 'kid-friendly' window called NetScooter. Requires Java. My rating:


YTV is Canada's specialty cable channel for kids. Check out info on all
shows and personalities, as well as drawings and stories submitted by YTV
fans. My rating: 4/5.

Hammy the Hamster
Hammy the Hamster, the star of the wonderful Canadian children's show Once
Upon a Hamster, has his own Web site. This was one of my very favorite
shows when I was a kid. Visit Hammy and his friends at the Riverbank, solve
a slider puzzle and print some pages to color. My rating: 4/5.


Children's Stomping Ground
James and Kate of Leicester, UK present their own collection of jokes,
tongue twisters, riddles, fun and messy craft ideas, games and recipes.
They share facts about dinosaurs, volcanoes, space and other topics, plus
tips on how to care for your Hippo :-) and other pets. You can also join
their email and postal penpal service. Great: 5/5!

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