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Mon, 21 Jul 1997 12:01:08 +0100

July 21/97 update


In Ha-pe-land there are pictures, stories, sounds, and counting and
alphabet games. You may find it confusing that all of the text is
underlined, but the words are not links. Only the pictures will take you to
different parts of this site. My rating: 3/5.


This site features lots of original large print, illustrated short stories.
Stories are listed by topic: pets, dragons, African-American stories,
stories worth talking about, and more. Each one includes a summary and
notes the recommended age group and reading time. Stories are suitable for
children 6 and up and are intended to be read by parents with their
children. My rating: 5/5.


Major League Baseball for Kids
Read tips from the pros, interviews with baseball stars, news on baseball
video games, a guide to card collecting, plus other interesting stories. My
rating: 5/5.

Professor Kite and the Secret of Kites
Tips on how to fly kites and how to fly them safely. My rating: 3/5.


Kids Farm
Visit Cedaredge in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to meet the people and
animals at Red Bluff Ranch. My rating: 3/5.


- Louvre in WebMuseum entry is spelled incorrectly


NASA's Kids' Space
Read animated stories,take a space quiz, unscramble pictures, solve word
puzzles, color pages, find out what you'd weigh on the moon, and visit the
Space Cadet Academy for kids to learn about space exploration. Some pages
use Shockwave and FutureWave. My rating: 5/5.

Mars Pathfinder Mission
See lots of pictures of Mars, find out the status of the Pathfinder rover
and the current weather on the planet. Cool: 5/5.


Little Horus
Learn about Egypt and take a tour with Little Horus. The Entertainment
section includes coloring pages, puzzles and tic tac toe. My rating: 4/5.


Safety Games and Puzzles
This Triaminic Parents' Club page offers sidewalk and bike safety coloring
pages, and word scrambles and crosswords on health and safety topics. My
rating: 3/5.


Math Baseball
Answer addition or multiplication questions to swing your bat in this
computer baseball game. You can chose from 3 levels of difficulty before
you play. My rating: 5/5.

Gayle Olson is your guide to fun science and nature sites on the Net. From
the Mining Company. My rating: 3/5.

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