(Fwd) York University day of Action Against the Cuts, November 28/95

George O'Brien (obrien@mathstat.yorku.ca)
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At yesterday's meeting of Senate, the following previously-uncirculated
motion was permitted introduction to the agenda following the required
two-thirds majority. The sponsors, YUFA, GSA, YUSA, CUPE, OPIRG, have
also distributed printed material related to this motion throughout the
university late yesterday and this morning.


"Be it resolved that students, who participate in the York Community Day
of Action Against the Cuts rally in Vari Hall from 12-2 p.m. on Tuesday,
November 28, 1995, not be penalized for missed deadlines or exams on that
day as a result of their participation and be given reasonable
alternative access to material covered on that day."

Following quite extensive debate, with opposition from the student Senate
caucus in particular, the motion was passed. Given the short notice for
action, the information is now passed to Chairs and Directors at this
earliest opportunity for implementation.

It is my interpretation from the Senate debate that the despite the use
of the twice-used phrase "on that day", the intent is that the motion
covers only scheduled classes and laboratories in the 12-2 p.m. interval,
and that no such accommodation is appropriate for academic activity at
other times of this day.

I realize that Chairs and Directors will need to consider the impact of
the motion in the light of local situations. It is not the intent of the
motion that classes be unilaterally cancelled during this interval, though
it appeared from the debate that instructors in some units may have
already done so. Rather, students who wish to attend must be not be
penalized for missing tests scheduled during that interval, and must have
alternative access to material covered during that interval. Students may
choose, for example, to attend portions of the rally by curtailing lecture
or laboratory sections that overlap this period. I ask you to work with
faculty and instructors in your units to accommodate to this motion at
such short notice.

Prof. Robert H. Prince, Internet: <bob@unicaat.sci.yorku.ca>
Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Dean, Faculty of Pure and Applied Science,
York University, North York, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3
tel: (416) 736-5051 fax: (416) 736-5950

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