Grade scanning sheets

Janice Grant (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 09:47:36 -0500


Unfortunately the Registrar's Office was unable to run the Grade Scanning
Sheets by department. Instead they have had to run them via the catalogue
number which the student used to enroll in courses. There is a possibility
that you may be receiving several different grade scanning sheets. Please
return the sheets to the appropriate department with the exception of Atkinson
College - these need to be returned to me (it is too complicated to explain

Therefore, I will accept All grades with the prefix AS/MATH; SC/MATH; AK/MATH;
AS/CC. All others go to the originating department.

I hope to have your scanning sheets out by the end of the week, certainly prior
to the first exam.

When you are reporting your grades via the GRADES DISTRIBUTION FORM, please
ensure that all grades are included. For example: If you have 50 ECON
students and 50 MATH studens in your course, I need to see the breakdown for a
total of 100 students (not just the MATH ones).

You think this is complicated well ...


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