teaching requests

George Obrien (obrien@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 15:14:00 -0400

In a separate mailing I will ask all faculty members to indicate their
preferences for teaching for 1996-97. Here are a few comments about how
you should do this. First, I have never liked the form as it has been, so
I have revised it. (This was the main reason I took this job!) Next,
about half our offerings, essentially the sectioned courses, are now for
LARGE classes. So on average, half of each members load will include 6
credits of such courses. It may be the case however that some members
would be happy with more of such courses if they could have two sections
of the same course. I am therefore inviting members to indicate this.

When I listed (18 Oct 95) which upper-level courses would be offered next
year, I included MATH 4160 at the request of Applied Math. They have now
indicated that it need only be given every second year, so I invite
suggestions for a 3 credit topics course, with no guarantee that a topics
course will actually be given.

Math 4930.03 is also a topics course and is required for general stream
Hon Math. for Comm. I invite suggestions from the statisticians for this

At the end of the questionaire is a space for comments. It would be
useful if those who have made various points with me about the course
schedule or their own loads would remind me what the points were.

Please make your requests to me consistent with your requests to
Dave Promislow to teach graduate courses.

Finally, please use the "RETURN" command or the subject "Requests" when
you submit your requests. It helps me to organize my e-mail.

I hope I can make assignments that suit everyone.

George L. O'Brien
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
York University
North York, Ontario
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