Individual teaching loads.

George Obrien (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 17:40:02 -0400

It will soon be time to assign teaching loads for next year. As you know, our
"official" load is 2.5 courses, but a reduction of 0.5 courses is granted to
those making a significant research contribution. The question of what level
of contribution is adequate is not totally clear and in any case probably
depends somewhat on the teaching requirements of the department. Since the
latter are increasing, it may be the case that the cut-off point will change a
bit from previous years. In any case, the first thing for me to do is get some
information. So I invite all those who wish to have the 0.5 course reduction
for research to submit evidence that they are doing significant research. I
will accept the holding of an NSERC General Grant (as Principal Investigator)
as sufficient evidence. An alternative is a list of papers or other refereed
publications for the last 5 years. Anyone can submit additional evidence as
they see fit. I would prefer an e-mail response since my e-mail filing system
is less hopeless than my paper one.

By the way, the Dean has indicated to me that he recognises that mathematics
has a special position in Arts, and that there are reasonable arguments for our
average course load to be lower than that of the rest of the faculty. That is

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