Statistics Research at AT&T/Bell Labs

John Chambers (
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 10:16:00 -0500


Yes, we are growing! We are growing by dividing, like cells. Here's
the story. AT&T is splitting. One piece will provide services (long
distance voice, data transmission, Internet service, etc.) and
another will make equipment and technology (voice and data switches,
network software, computer chips, etc.) There will be a research
laboratory for each of these two pieces.

The services company will have

// AT&T Labs //

and the equipment and technology company will have

// Bell Labs //

The demand for statistics in both Labs is enormous. Our tradition of
doing world-class fundamental research in statistics goes back
to people like Walter Shewhart and John Tukey. After
decades of having a top research group in statistics, neither Lab is
willing to live without us. So our Statistics Research group is
splitting in two. We got together and divided ourselves. The result
is two very strong core groups looking to grow. Here is how we came

BELL LABS: John Chambers, Linda Clark, Bill Cleveland, Lorraine
Denby, Mark Hansen, David James, Diane Lambert, Jim Landwehr, Chuanhai
Liu, Clive Loader, Don Sun, and Scott Vander Wiel

AT&T LABS: Rick Becker, Andreas Buja, Colin Mallows, Daryl Pregibon,
and Allan Wilks

Life in both Labs will be exciting. There are many opportunities
for working with scientists, engineers, product innovators, and market
analysts because there is a critical need for extracting information
from data to guide development of services and products, decision
making, and process improvement.

Both Labs are hiring. We are looking for people who want to make
major, widely-recognized contributions to statistics research:
theory, methods, computing, and data analysis, especially for massive
datasets. We invite both new Ph.D.'s and those currently employed
in academic or industrial research positions to apply.

Further information about us and about how to apply may be obtained
electronically in three ways: (1) Send email to (2) ftp to and move to the
directory netlib/att/stat/info. (3) Use your favorite web browser to
open the URL: