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Subject: Journal of Statistical Software

Rather than wait for the burocratic wheels to grind, the

Journal of Statistical Software

will start accepting submissions. JSS will be a fully electronic
peer-reviewed journal, freely available on the WWW. There is
a large (about 30 people) editorial board, and there is a not-so-large
technical (read HTML) staff (about 5 people at UCLA).

Submissions are basically manuals -- although the relative emphasis on
theory, applications, and usage instructions may vary. Software will
also be reviewed. It will be available by ftp from our servers.

We will continue to seek support from ASA, RSS, ISI and other societies,
and we will try to be listed in CIS and other indices. We do accept
advertisements to cover some of our costs.

For many other details such as motivation, discussion, guidelines for
authors, and so on, we refer to


Jan de Leeuw; UCLA Department of Statistics; UCLA Statistical Consulting
US mail: 8118 Math Sciences, 405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554
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                 www: http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~deleeuw

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