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George O'Brien (obrien@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 10:11:42 -0500

Addendum to last message. -George
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To: David Logan <dave@unicaat.yorku.ca>
cc: "Chairs, P&AS -- Keith Aldridge" <keith@unicaat.yorku.ca>,
Brian Colman <fs300066@Sol.YorkU.CA>,
Patrick Dymond <dymond@otter.cs.yorku.ca>,
Keith Grasse <grasse@YorkU.CA>, Colin McArthur <fs300551@Sol.YorkU.CA>,
Marshall McCall <fs300050@Sol.YorkU.CA>,
"George O'Brien" <obrien@mathstat.yorku.ca>,
Sandra Pyke <spyke@YorkU.CA>, Allan Stauffer <fs300035@Sol.YorkU.CA>,
Carol Wilson <cwilson@YorkU.CA>,
Directors -- Clive Holloway <fs300554@Sol.YorkU.CA>,
Doug Moon <dmoon@unicaat.yorku.ca>,
Geoff Harris <fs300555@Sol.YorkU.CA>,
Janice McQuay <jan@unicaat.yorku.ca>,
Jennifer Lavigne <jlavigne@turing.sci.yorku.ca>,
Martin Muldoon <muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca>,
Gordon Shepherd <gordon@WindiC.YorkU.CA>,
Judy Libman <fs337117@Sol.YorkU.CA>

Further to Eshrat's message:

The Canadian Community of Science Database website can be found at:


and is accessible also through the larger Community of Science webserver at


York's presence on this database would be both useful and indicative of our
stature and energy. We ought to be there!


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