INDUSTRY CANADA's Science Culture Canada (fwd)

J.H. Wu (
Wed, 6 Mar 96 12:04:59 EST

Please pass this message on to your colleagues who may be interested in
applying for funding related to the development and effective use of
science and technology. The Office of Research Administration recently
received information on INDUSTRY CANADA's Science Culture Canada Program.
Complete details are available from ORA (-55055;

OBJECTIVE: To fund projects related to the program's three objective:
(1) To develop and sustain greater interest in, and understanding of,
science and technology among Canada's young people; (2) to increase youth
literacy in science and technology, as well as to develop key
employability skills in these disciplines; and (3) to establish a science
and innovation culture in Canada.

For the purposes of this program, science and technology encompass the
natural, engineering, health and social sciences.

VALUE: Not specifically stated. There will be approximately $2,000,000
awarded each competition. Funds can be used to cover salaries, travel
and living expenses, and other direct costs such as space and equipment
rentals, telephone, postage, materials and supplies.

DURATION: Up to three years.

DEADLINE: April 15.